7 Key Lessons Of Success By Will Smith

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He’s just lucky!  Some guys just catch all the breaks.  If I could just be as lucky as him or her my life would be completely different.  But since I’m not, I’ll just accept mediocrity…  Ever hear yourself saying these things?  Ever wonder why you aren’t achieving everything in life you want to?  Watch for the next few minutes as someone who has achieved MASSIVE success shares the secret:

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Will Smith is funny, intelligent, attractive, well connected, and talented!  He’s just lucky right?  Perspective is everything my friend.  Your perspective (or thoughts) is what dictate your words, habits, behavior, and results (in that order).

Here’s a few thoughts that ran through my mind as I watched this awesome video.  I’m obviously not going to cover every principle of success he touched on so I’m counting on you to leave your thoughts and comments below… here I go:

1.  GREATNESS EXISTS IN EACH OF US.  Abundance is there for the taking.  We just have to decide to claim it.

2.  CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCED DON’T DICTATE WHAT YOU CAN BECOME OR WHAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE.  This is the biggest obstacle to overcome in my opinion because it’s so nuanced.  We live in a victim society where the status of victim-hood is elevated and rewarded.  It’s much easier to shift blame for everything onto others.  As a result, a large number of people have stopped assuming responsibility for their lives and their happiness.  In order to buck that mentality you have to know you can have everything you want in life, get real clear on what that looks like, declare your intentions, and work your rear end off to accomplish it.

3.  TALENT AND SKILL ARE NOT THE SAME THING.  Talent is what you are naturally born with – your God given gifts.  Skill is developed from almost insane-like work ethic!  On a personal note I hate it when someone says they can’t do something.  That’s a crock of crap.  They can!  They just have to learn it and be willing to put in the work required to perfect it.  Most people aren’t though because they’re so dang lazy!  Don’t be lazy!

Now That's What I'm Talking About!

4.  NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!  Instead of the self defeating statement “I can’t do that” ask yourself the simple question “What’s required of me to…”  It will have the exact opposite effect on your brain than saying you can’t do something.  It’s a question that actually forces the mind to start problem solving.  Some people refer to the process of problem solving as brainstorming, but before you get to the brainstorming part you have to ask the question that ignites the thought process in that super computer of yours called the brain!

5.  BEING REALISTIC IS THE MOST COMMONLY TRAVELED ROAD TO MEDIOCRITY!!  The second you decide it’s done, it’s done.  Negative minded folks and nay sayers will come out of the wood work to crush your ambition.  They hate the fact that you are attempting to accomplish what they think is impossible in their own life.  I call these people “dream stealers”.  Don’t listen to them.  Don’t associate with them.  Get them out of your life.  I’m grateful the Wright brothers, Edison, Einstein, and Alexander Graham Bell weren’t realistic.  They took the impossible and never before done and turned the world on it’s ear with their inventions and discoveries.

6.  OUR THOUGHTS ARE PHYSICAL.  Once you decide to accomplish a specific goal amazing things start happening.  I could go really deep on this subject, but I’ll just say that everything starts with a single thought.  The development of that thought creates everything in life.  Indeed, your physical reality gets shaped and molded by the thoughts in your head.

7.  FOCUS ON YOUR GOAL.  Napoleon Hill refers to this as “definiteness of purpose” and claims it’s a key element in personal achievement.  Don’t get distracted.  The reason a laser is so powerful is it’s ability to focus.  Implement this principle in your life and you will see more results faster than you may have thought possible.

I invite your thoughts on the subject.  What did you learn from the video and post?  Remember, if I get 50 Facebook shares and 15 comments on this single blog post I’ll record myself getting my head shaved and post it on YouTube for everyone to see!

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21 Responses to “7 Key Lessons Of Success By Will Smith”

  1. Jennifer Lavender Says:

    My favorite quote, “I know who I am, I know what I believe, and that’s all I need to know.”
    .-= Jennifer Lavender´s last blog ..What I Learned in May =-.


  2. Setema Says:

    Sick man. That video is money…like you brother. Thanks for sharing and adding value.

    Keep rockin it.

    BBQ next time?


  3. Jonathan Says:

    Well said Will! Thanks for sharing Joseph.
    .-= Jonathan´s last blog ..My Tiny Gratitude List =-.


  4. Steve Says:

    I already loved Will Smith. But I had no idea he was this inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m sharing it with everyone I know.


  5. Skylar Says:

    I liked the fact that he said you have to be willing to make other’s lives better and then your’s will be better as well or just creating value for others. It reminds me of a law Dan Sullivan states in his “Laws of Lifetime Growth” book which is Law 3 “I will always make my contribution bigger than my reward.”

    Also the part regarding focus when he say’s “its pointless to have a Plan B because it will just distract you from Plan A.”

    Great stuff!


  6. Jen Heywood Says:

    Thank you. I found myself grabbing a piece of paper to jot down some of the great insights so that I would remember them longer. :)


  7. Setema Says:

    Well I can’t wait to see the bald head bro. You’re getting close my brother!


  8. Luhi Purcell Says:

    I’ve always liked Will Smith, and have followed his talk about success principles. Good insights, too Gabe.



  9. Sherman Smith Says:

    All I gotta say is Whoaa!!!! This is one of the greatest post of all. Although it’s difficult for me at times but I apply these tips everyday and a lot of good came out of it. This blog post is a must to pass on. Thanks so much.

    .-= Sherman Smith´s last blog ..A Great Application To Expose Your Blog =-.


    • Gabriel Joseph Says:

      Thanks for the kind words Sherman! And I echo your sentiment… Whoaa!!! If we all tried to apply these same principles in our lives the world would be much better off for it. Looking forward to hearing more from you.


  10. Kimball Roundy Says:

    Only a couple more comments to go Baldy… Great stuff.


  11. Beth Allen Says:

    I love that you pulled out these key principles so brilliantly ~ Will Smith is one of my very favorites and this video in particular! It never matters where you’ve been if you having unwavering belief in where you’re going and as Will said, a sickening work ethic (ie. persistence!).

    How can you not listen to this message and walk away feeling spiritually grounded, profoundly inspired and understanding that ANYTHING is truly possible! Thanks Gabriel, so happy to have found my way to your blog! :)
    .-= Beth Allen´s last blog ..Your Most Passionate Life is Right Around the Corner! =-.


  12. Amy Says:

    All I gotta say is Whoaa!!!! This is one of the greatest post of all. Although it’s difficult for me at times but I apply these tips everyday and a lot of good came out of it. This blog post is a must to pass on. Thanks so much.

    .-= Sherman Smith´s last blog ..A Great Application To Expose Your Blog =-.


  13. Richard Herfurth Says:

    Great video! Thank you so much for posting it. Will Smith is one of my favorites. “There is no reason for a Plan B, because it distracts from Plan A” Love it!


  14. Hector Cuevas Says:


    I really like this video.. I come back to it time and time again to get a boost in my motivation and inspiration to keep going.

    Will has wonderful wisdom

    thanks for sharing this with us
    talk soon
    Hector Cuevas


  15. Wendy Hewlett Says:

    Awesome video!! Thanks for sharing. I was reading something very similar today – The One Command by Asara Lovejoy. She basically says the same as Will about commanding or demanding of the universe. Very powerful stuff!!

    Wendy Hewlett


  16. debbie turner Says:

    Great video, thanks for sharing. Work ethic, study, commitment and our work and life means something. I love what Will says about that.


  17. Katie Adams Says:

    It goes to show what following true principals brings. I loved the quotes throughout the video!


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