About Gabe

Welcome to my official blog!

Hi my name is Gabriel Joseph.  I’m a social media, blogging, and personal growth mentor in the online home business industry.  You’re going to find lots of content on a wide range of subjects here like tips and tricks about online marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, and a ton of other subjects that will help you along your way to finding true prosperity and abundance.

The reason I started this blog is because I’m passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to prosper in all aspects of life!

So first, a little bit about me…

That’s me and my family…  I know, I have the cutest kiddos in the world and a smoking hot momma for my eternal companion!  My wife Shandi and I have been blessed with two girls and two boys (in that order) and we are expecting another little boy in September of 2010!  Every night when I kneel I thank the Good Lord for the blessing of an amazing family.

My Crazy Story…

My story is probably similar to yours.  See, I know what it feels like to think you’re on top of the world and nothing could possibly go wrong.  I was driving a Ferrari when I was 27 years old for Pete’s sake!  Then out of nowhere it happened!  It felt like I had an A-bomb dropped square on my head!

Just like many people who are searching for a better way of life, I’ve faced ups and downs in my professional career.  At twenty four years old I struck out to form a business with a few friends and partners.  Two years later I was a millionaire.  Another four years after that I lost everything.

You see, about two years ago I had a business that was generating over seven figures a year fall to pieces along with our economy!  Consequently I lost over $20 Million in real estate that got foreclosed on, tons of personal liability in the form of business debt, lawsuits up the wazoo, and all kind of shattered dreams.  Everything I owned and had worked so hard for was either lost or taken.  Foreclosures, lawsuits, repossessions, and collections.  Those four words basically describe my life back then.  To say it was a bleak time in my life would be an understatement.

Life Lessons…

But thorough it all I learned some valuable lessons.  I know this sounds crazy to say, but I’m actually glad I went through that experience.  The tuition was a bit excessive, but it was one heck of an education!  I learned a few priceless lessons:

  1. Focus on the things in your life; don’t focus on the things that are no longer in your life.
  2. Learn to value things that have real value. (hint, almost anything of real value is always a person – not a possession)
  3. PATIENCE – Wow, I could write a whole blog on this subject alone.

I could go on and on, but I just wanted to paint a picture for you so you could understand that when I say I’m passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to prosper in all aspects of life, I mean exactly that.  Making a ton of money is good and all, but it’s a shallow life if that’s your end all be all.  True prosperity and abundance encompasses so much more than money.

Decisions, Decisions….

It would have been easy to throw in the towel and just go get a job.  After all, I could have lived a nice life of quiet desperation, living paycheck to paycheck with a warm and fuzzy false sense of security.  But the biggest thing that I learned was that if I wanted financial prosperity again then I had to assume responsibility and go seize it, not sulk and bemoan my circumstances caused by past failures.

One of the side effects for me of failing in business was that I recoiled as hard as possible from associating with people in general because I thought everyone hated me.  So I turned to the internet and started devouring every single course regarding online marketing that I could find.  I discovered I personally had access to get my message out to BILLIONS of people around the planet!  That was an empowering realization.  I found moderate success in the projects and websites that I put together.  I learned what I consider to be the equivalent to a four or six year degree within that fifteen month period, but something was missing.  I could never really break through to the type of success I had experienced before and that I wanted to experience again – until the epiphany.

My Epiphany…

It’s a simple principle of prosperity really, one that I’ve known for a long time and have internalized but have neglected over the past two years“Dollars are bound to follow value that is created for others, and the exchange between those individuals is what creates wealth.  The profit that is created as a result of that exchange is the validation or proof that value was indeed created!”

I was reading a social media marketing guide one day and the author put it another way.  She said something along these lines:

“When you give, you open yourself up to receive more.  The world is our mirror…  Whatever you put out, you get back.  Whatever you withhold, the world withholds from you.  It’s a simple law of the universe that you can apply to your business as well.  The more inspiration you share, the more you will be inspired.  The more connections you share, the more connected you will get.  The more value you share, the more money you will get in return.  The more people you help, the more people will help you in return.”

That was my epiphany.  It hit me like a ton of bricks!  I had been withholding myself from the world for over two years and in return the world had been withholding from me.  I had been exchanging very little and creating almost no real value for others, so what could I expect other than mediocre results?

Therefore, What?…

So here’s the thing – I have a ton of value to provide.  I know it and have decided to no longer withhold that value.

Why do I share all these personal details with you? Well, I want you to know that I can relate to where most people are coming from… I’m not just some guy who stumbled across success without any sacrifice or bumps along the way.  I’ve found real success and I want to work with you to build your brighter future. I assume you are on my site reading this information because you want to make a change in your life, right?

Well, if your past is anything like mine and you want to make a significant improvement in the quality of your life, I would like to share with you the methods and techniques I have adopted that have truly changed my life, my wife’s life, our family’s life, and the lives of countless other people I have had the pleasure to assist.

You see I found mentors who were willing to share their success with me.  I learned new skills in social media, blogging, article writing, video marketing, and many other effective marketing methods.  Personal development has become a daily part of my life. I discovered the value in learning to become a real leader and how to promote myself… to add value to the lives of the people around me. Most importantly, I learned to take immediate and massive action on all the things I was taught.

I now enjoy networking with driven entrepreneurs in a synergistic manner that creates amazing success for everyone involved.  I don’t chase down people who could care less about my opportunity, I don’t have to call crappy prospect leads and have them hang up on me… I don’t have to chase anyone.  I am able to run my business as a true professional. I’ve become a leader and mentor instead of a follower and a peddler. AND the best part about this is… I am not someone special with super powers, I am just someone who made a decision to make a change, a decision to learn new skills, and a decision to MAKE IT, no matter what.

Time To Change The World…

I love meeting new people who have a burning desire to change their lives.  I can definitely help empower you to prosper in all aspects of your life!  So… if you would like to connect with someone who has walked down the same rough roads you may be traveling, connect with me. You can reach me at:

Cell: 801-836-5892

Skype: gabejoseph

I would love to chat and hear your story.

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