Amazing hCG Review, A Scam or Real Deal?

Tue, Mar 15, 2011

HCG Diet, My Weightloss Journey

  1. Does hCG really work?
  2. Is the hCG Diet a scam or is it the real deal?
  3. Am I going to get ripped off if I buy the homeopathic liquid hCG Diet drops from the internet or will I actually lose weight?

These were all questions racing through my mind as I contemplated buying Amazing hCG from the internet.  Check out the video below as I expose  the truth about homeopathic liquid hCG drops:

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Here’s my initial conclusion -

  1. I got what I ordered and so I didn’t get ripped off necessarily.  I don’t feel like I’ve been scammed because the company didn’t take my money without sending me product, meaning I received in the mail what I paid for.

The question still remains though of “can you get ripped off?”  The answer is yes!

Are all hCG drops the same you find out there in cyberspace?  NO!  I wanted to know if the liquid homeopathic drops were as effective as the real hormone prescribed by a doctor and taken via injection.  Here’s some simple tips that I kept in mind in my search for quality homeopathic liquid hCG drops and why I eventually chose to buy my drops from

Just as synthetic insulin is the same as the body’s own insulin and is taken every day by diabetics, HCG drops are the same as the HCG hormone created in the human body.

Homeopathic hormone drops are prepared after rigorous dilution process that makes them completely free from side effects. They also lower the cravings for carbs during the low calorie diet and act as a safe appetite suppressant.

Dr. Simeons (creator of the hCG Diet) gave his patients HCG injections because at that time, in the 1950s, the only version of the hormone available was given as shots and required a prescription. Today, homeopathic HCG is available and affordable. It works exactly the same as HCG shots, but is much easier and more affordable since a prescription is not required.

The principle of homeopathic medicine is, “What large doses cause, micro doses can cure.” Due to advances in homeopathic extraction technology, the homeopathic hCG drops have proven to be just as effective at achieving quick and lasting weight loss as the costly injections.

The HCG products sold through Vital hCG are made by licensed U.S. laboratories staffed by trained, qualified professionals. The product meets or exceeds quality standards established by the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS), and the facilities follow regulations of the Food and Drug Administration.

Now the only question left to really answer is if the drops are effective or not.  We’ll see if they’re the real deal or not!

Click here to follow me on my weight loss journey and see my next blog post.  See if the hCG Diet really works or if it’s all just hype.  If I lose weight then it’s legit.  If I don’t then I know I just got sold a load of crap!

To Your Success,

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6 Responses to “Amazing hCG Review, A Scam or Real Deal?”

  1. Becca Says:

    Are your results based on just weight or is it what your body does long term. Are you factoring in the harmful side effects even when using all natural supplements? How is this going to change your lifestyle, are you going to continue to eat 500 calories. I have friend that use hcg diet lost a ton of weight and the 1st 2 weeks eating normal gained 30 pounds back along with her hair falling out. Other side effects are heart problems long term. Gabe it took a process to get were you are today, it takes a process to become healthy again.


    • admin Says:

      Becca – results are based obviously on the long term picture. Of course I am not going to continue a 500 calorie diet after the protocol is over… that would be unhealthy long term and the protocol only dictates the calorie restricted diet for either 25 or 40 days (depending on if you do the short protocol or long protocol based on weight loss desired) and ONLY WHEN THE HORMONE OR HOMEOPATHIC alternative is present… ie taking it. I don’t know your friend or what her exact experience was. I do know that “eating normal” after the diet is a very subjective term. I would think that if you do the diet and lose a bunch of weight and then go back to the exact same habits and life style than you would put all the weight back on and continue to be unhealthy. As for the process of becoming healthy again I recognize there is one and this is the path that I chose get to where I want to be. I simply chose a diet to start that journey. Here’s some more on that subject:

      Thank you for your concern, council, and feedback. I receive it all with gratitude and accept it for what it is. I’m always open to receiving more.


  2. ericka c Says:

    I am so happy for your weight lose. I need to lose like 30lbs. Tell me where I can these drops. Thanks in advance


    • admin Says:

      Hi… and thanks for the kind words. I hope you journey winds up very successful. I know you can do it! As far as all the products go, I just linked to the site I bought from right here on my site. Just click on the banner for the hcg in the right column or in any one of my hcg blog posts. They are normally right under the videos. All of the products (Nitetrim, Tao Trim, and Sublingual BTotal) are all sold from the same site as addons right when you are checking out. I hope that helps.


  3. Guest Says:

    I just have a question, exactly when do you take the drops on your schedule within this hcg diet?


    • admin Says:

      I took them at roughly 8am, 12 noon, and 5pm. The secret is to take them 3-4 times per day 15-30 minutes before eating. However that works with your schedule is how you should implement… make sense? Hope that helps. Let me know if you have more questions…


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