hCG Diet (Round 1 Phase 2 Day 21, Total Lost 24.5 lbs)

Fri, Apr 1, 2011

HCG Diet, My Weightloss Journey

Nothing super fancy or over the top to report today.  To be honest, this part of the hCG diet is messing with my head just a little bit.  One day I’ll drop 2 lbs and the very next day I’ll gain .5 lbs or only lose .2 lbs.  It’s crazy… but I’m staying super strict and disciplined to my meal plan and protocol.

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One thing that I can probably do is eat dinner much earlier.  I notice on the days that I eat dinner in the five o’clock hour and then my post dinner fruit ‘dessert’ no later than 7:30 PM that my weigh in the next day seems to be a much bigger number.  Last night I did not follow that rule!  I was running errands until 8:30 PM (grocery shopping for food because I had run out of my vegetable selections) and so I ate close to 9:00 PM and then my half apple dessert around 10:45 PM!

Whoa… how did I get off track?  Answer: I didn’t have my food selection available and prepared.  I planned on leaving for errands much earlier in the day between lunch and dinner, but then about 5 bazillion things came up and I didn’t go.  Lesson learned.  Be prepared.  I should have remembered that from my boy scouting days.  Yes, I’m an eagle scout with three palms and darn proud of it!  I’ll be focusing on being more strict with my meal times from here on out.

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I’m really enjoying my hcg diet journey. I hope tracking it and recording it in video here on my blog posts provide value to you as in some way. Leave me your comments, questions, and feedback. I appreciate your support. It helps keeps me accountable. Remember – get inspired and take action in your own life as well! Take the inspirACTION challenge today.

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2 Responses to “hCG Diet (Round 1 Phase 2 Day 21, Total Lost 24.5 lbs)”

  1. michelle Says:

    Proud of you. Keep up the good work. I’m thinking of doing this myself, but worried about the food portion of it.


    • admin Says:

      I wouldn’t be overly worried Michelle. You can do a LOT to spice up your food. I’ve found that varying the tastes really helps out. Also regarding the portions… I was pretty scared myself. I’m 6 foot 1 and weighed 235 lbs when I started and trust me, I think my appetizer was more than 500 calories! The first week on the restricted diet was kind of hard, but not overly difficult. After that it’s just plain easy. I feel extremely satisfied after each meal and don’t notice much hunger or being tired throughout the day.

      I take hoodia to curb the appetite and in the morning I take sub lingual bTotal (a b vitamin complex) that really boosts energy as well as immunities naturally. I got them from the same site I ordered my hcg from.

      Hope that helps. I’d encourage most anyone looking to lose weight to do this diet.


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