Law Of Duality And Other Life Lessons

I started a weight loss journey recently and decided to do the hCG diet after hearing so much about it and seeing a half dozen or so of my friends experience amazing results with it.  I just weighed in this morning and I broke my three day plateau!  Click HERE if you want to check out the video weigh in.  I’m journaling my progress for everyone to see as well as to keep myself accountable.  In part, here’s what I said after weighing in:

Ok, so after a three day plateau I lost another 1.2 lbs in the last 24 hours!  As you can see in my video, I’m down to 219.1 lbs this morning.  I can’t really explain why, but going from 235 lbs to 220 lbs in the first week and a half wasn’t nearly as gratifying as going from 220 lbs to 219 lbs in the last day!  I think in part it’s because I had stalled for about three days with very little weight loss, but more than that I think it’s because I haven’t been in the ’2-teens’ for YEARS!

More important than losing 17 lbs in 11 days was the realization of why I’m losing weight.  It was one of those little “life’s lessons” moment for me, so I wanted to share with you.  That’s what I’m all about anyway.  This isn’t a weight loss blog or an hCG diet blog by any stretch of the imagination.  My purpose is to share my life’s experiences, the ups as well as the downs, in hopes of inspiring you to take action in your life.  I’m here to uplift you, to inspire you, to motivate you.  The only way I know how to do that is share what I experience along the journey we all call life.

For me, shedding the weight is more than just getting lighter.  It’s an extremely liberating experience in a very real sense.  I think in part that my depression due to losing my business and feeling like a failure caused the weight gain for sure.  Losing my mother suddenly and unexpectedly at the same time added to it.  I suppose the stress and worry that I heaped upon myself out of a self imposed sub-conscious obligation to make things right or “fix things” added to that weight gain as well.  All of that led to me sitting behind a computer for 10-16 hours a day trying to dig my way out of the crap.  I stopped working out.  I stopped eating healthy.  I stopped being active in general and really felt like I lost myself and the connection to who I was.  (Click HERE to read my full story.)

I’ve come to realize recently though that I’m not my failures and that I’m not my bad habbits, and that I’m not the person beneath the story of misery and woe that I’ve imagined for 3-4 years now.  I’m grateful however for all those things I just mentioned because those dark moments in my life (the moments and experiences I call my shadow) serve to show me who I really am, to show me my light or divine self.

There has to be opposition in all things or we would never know the good from the bad, the bitter from the sweet, the joy from the sorrow.

That’s called the law or principle of duality.  There is an opposite to all things.  If you’re experiencing the negative side of the stick just know it’s to help you learn about the positive end!  I’ve found that once I release the negative side and seek after and accept the positive side that positivity starts to manifest in my life, seemingly magically.

This weight loss journey has already taught me so much in just 13 short days.  I started off talking about losing 1.2 lbs in the last day and ended up talking about my shadow and my light and the principle of duality!  Wow…

I hope there’s a lesson in it for you.  I know there has been for me.  That’s why I’m doing the hcg diet.  Honestly, I was finally in a space again in my life because of amazing mental and emotional breakthroughs I’ve been experiencing over the last few months that I wanted to experience self mastery with my physical body again.  What’s amazing to think about for me is that I’m even more open than before to experiencing that in a more abundant way.  I used to eat pretty clean and healthy foods and work out like an insane beast.  Really.  I was benching 405 lbs and my biceps were as big as some people’s heads, but I never REALLY paid attention to caloric intake, meal planning, portion control, etc.  Now here I am five kids later thinking to myself how awesome it will be to teach my children all of that stuff by example.  In the mean time I’m finding new passions in preparing and cooking my healthy meals.  I know that will spill over into other areas of my life, if not only to help my wife with family meals and help alleviate her time and show her how much I appreciate her.

Look, it’s never to late to change.  It’s never to late to heal.  But if you had your choice, wouldn’t you want to start sooner rather than later?  The good news is… YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE!

So start today to change one aspect of your life!  That’s what my blog is all about – getting inspired and then taking immediate action to improve your life in some way!  That’s what the inspirACTION challenge is all about!

I’m really enjoying my hcg diet journey. I hope tracking it and recording it in video here on my blog posts provide value to you as in some way. Leave me your comments, questions, and feedback. I appreciate your support. It helps keeps me accountable. Remember – get inspired and take action in your own life as well!

InspirACTION Is More Than A Tagline; It’s A Lifestyle – A State of Mind! So Get Inspired & Take The Challenge! Find Out How…

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