Move Your Body – Great Song

Nothing real deep here, just wanted to share a good song.  That’s right, turn your speakers up loud and move your body!

Look, my wife has been a Brittney Spears fan for a good while now.  She’s a dancer and Brittney has a bunch of songs that are apparently good to dance to.  I’ve enjoyed some of her songs, but haven’t really paid to much attention to her music or her career or crazy life for that matter.  Turn your speakers up and get ready to move your body!

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When I heard this song I liked it instantly and thought I’d share it with you for no other reason than to to inspire you to have a good time even if for only a few minutes.  Forget about the past, don’t worry about the future, and just focus on the present.  Living in the moment is key to your happiness.

I started off saying I didn’t really have a deep thought for you here… but I take that back.  Read that little paragraph just above this one and let it simmer for a few minutes.  Leave me a comment with your thoughts on why living in the moment is key to your happiness.

More than anything though I want you to get inspired and take action in your life to change it and mold it into the life you want, so you can say you love your life!

InspirACTION Is More Than A Tagline; It’s A Lifestyle – A State of Mind! So Get Inspired & Take The Challenge! Find Out How…

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