Perspective Is Everything

Wow, this was a real shocker when I first saw it and wanted to share with everyone.

(Print out the picture and look at it at arms length. Then have someone hold it so you can walk 30-40 feet away and look at it again!)

Something that I have learned in life is that we act according to what our perspective is. I can picture two people (one at two feet from the picture and the other at 30 feet from the picture) arguing to the bitter end that the subject of the picture is respectively Einstein or Marylin… and they would both be right.

I’ve also learned that if we have enough patience to find out why the other person is seeing something different, then our perspective not only enlarges but our vision also expands.

See, we act according to our beliefs and our perspective is what shapes our beliefs.  Wherever you are in life, regardless of your level of satisfaction with that specific place, is because of your own perspective.  If you aren’t satisfied with where you are then you simply have to change it.  You are in control.  Start filling your time with positive and successful activities and you will be a positive and successful person.  It’s that simple.  You may not realize all your goals and dreams over night, but step by step you will achieve what you want.

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21 Responses to “Perspective Is Everything”

  1. Kimball Roundy Says:

    Love it Gabe. That is crazy! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Luhi Purcell Says:

    That makes the young lady/old lady example look like kindergarten math.

    I agree with the perspective point. I was just re-reading Robert Ringer’s NY Times Bestseller, Winning Through Intimidation. He talks a lot about this in his Theory of Relativity.


  3. Michele Sweeney Says:

    Perfect timing on this! I am at one of those times in my life where, as a single mom of three, it seems like everything is going wrong all at once and no matter how hard I work, I get no where. This reminds me to look at the positives in my life, like my three beautiful kids, and focus on those, and on what I can do to better our lives, instead of on what I cannot change. My perspective and my outlook I can, and I will! I’ll let ya know how it works out. Thanks:)


  4. Eric Goldstein Says:


    Thanks for the great share!

    Our perspective shapes EVERYTHING…
    It’s like we are wearing sunglasses, or
    filters… and our beliefs create the
    meaning for whatever we see.

    Love the post… great idea :)
    .-= Eric Goldstein´s last blog ..Experience Your Good Now =-.


  5. Setema Says:

    Thanks for sharing my brother! This is powerful!


  6. Lawrence Tam Says:

    kinda reminds me of the clueless movie where it’s fine from afar until you get up close. it’s like a monet.

    “You see, it’s like the painting. Seen from far away, it’s okay; but up close, it’s a big ol’ mess.”


  7. Lyn-Dee Eldridge, CPC, CPMC, CLYT,CLYL Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us. How true! Perspective Is Everything and if enough people will truly believe this, just think what a wonderful place the world can truly be!

    You are very special. Keep up the inspiration within, others will follow and then there are others that will keep on dreaming…

    Lyn-Dee Eldridge


  8. Dr. Dick Says:

    Excellent post, Gabriel. The world will be a better place when we can all learn to see it through a new set of eyes…


  9. Steve Harlow Says:

    Great lesson here Gabriel. It is not only essential overall in life to be able to be objective, and to be able to see both sides of the coin, but it is essential as a marketer to be able to step into your prospects shoes, and see things through their glasses as well. Great post!
    .-= Steve Harlow´s last blog ..Are You Training to FAIL in Network Marketing Recruiting? =-.


    • Gabriel Joseph Says:

      Indeed! If you don’t see thrutheir perspective you can’t create value for them. If you don’t create value than there is no exchange. If there is no exchange there is no wealth creation… Great comment. Return often.


  10. Heather Taskovics Says:

    That is such a mind-blowing picture, Gabriel! It really is interesting how people’s perceptions differ from one another…Thank you for sharing this. :)

    .-= Heather Taskovics´s last blog ..The Importance Of Attending Events – The *REAL* Secret To Keeping Momentum And Creating A Highly Profitable Business =-.


  11. Robin Lynn Brooks Says:

    This is so cool Gabriel… Sharpen our listening skills if need be and realize there is much involved when we factor in the many perspectives.
    .-= Robin Lynn Brooks´s last blog ..Listen for that Real Connection in Relationship Building =-.


  12. Mohamed Says:

    Great post , and i suggest if we like to achieve the success we shall learn what is the perspective of the successful persons to know if we have the right one or not

    Thank you
    Mohamed Fawzy


  13. Windy Argenal Says:

    hello, Thanks for your blog. we are looking at posts to see how others are running them and how they look. Just thought i’d post “Awesome”


  14. Baalereshkigal Says:

    Its not “perspective” that is everything, its information. This is just two fuzzy pictures of Einstein and Monroe superimposed onto each other…it isn’t an exercise in philosophy. With the right information clear and decisive conclusions can be made and problems solved. B.E.


  15. Kim Jensen Says:

    Yes this is absolutely right! Perception is our own personal truth.It’s great to read an others work that correlates with my own. I am new to blogging and would LOVE to have you as a bud. On my site look for “Mind Sweep’…if you have the time…if not that’s cool as well. thanks again, Kim


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