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Breaking Through Your hCG Diet Weight Loss Plateau

Monday, April 11, 2011


I've had a lot of people ask me how to break through plateaus on phase 2 of the hcg diet. I tell them all the same thing: stay disciplined and strict with your diet. Make sure you're consuming 500-530 calories per day of only approved food and stay hydrated. Drink tons of water! You may want to drop coffee from your diet and substitute a vitamin B complex for energy as well as an immune system booster. Lastly, you may want to also cut the cracker servings out of your lunch and dinner for a day or two. Some people just don't lose weight with the added carbohydrates. If that doesn't break a plateau within a day or two or if the person is already doing all of those things, then I always suggest doing an hcg diet phase 2 Apple Day. If that doesn't work, as a last resort I suggest the hcg diet phase 2 mini steak day... and I really mean as a last resort!

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