Take The InspirACTION Challenge

Let me ask you a question – when have you ever experienced growth from doing the same old thing?  How many times have you decided in your head that an experience would have a predetermined outcome so you never even tried?  You might be surprised at what you find when you actually go for it.

Now, you might discount even the smallest of new experiences as amounting to basically nothing, but consider this for a second – perhaps all the small things add up to something much bigger?

So, this year, in 2011; I challenge you to InspirACTION.

What is InspirACTION?  It’s where inspiration you find here and elsewhere motivates you to take action in your own life!

Get out there and do something you’ve never done before.  Do something that terrifies you.  When you’re incredibly scared or anxious about something – there’s a really good chance the universe is telling you this is an area where you’re ready to experience incredible growth – you just have to jump in there and get after it.

Maybe you haven’t spoken to one of your parents in years.  Maybe you haven’t engaged in the life of your child in quite some time.  Maybe you dread heights and something like skydiving would send you reeling.  Maybe the thought of shedding those few extra pounds scares you to death because you know you would have to change some of your bad habits.  Maybe you have an awesome idea but are too scared to try it out.

Heck, InspirACTION is different for everyone – but one thing that remains constant is the fact that it’s always beckoning you to take control, to step into your power, to own your light, to discover and live your divine self.

There’s only three small conditions:

  1. It has to be something you have never done before.
  2. The activity has to stretch you and makes you experience personal growth.
  3. You must express how you’ve learned or grown from your new experience.

So take the challenge – you’ll be glad you did!

Want to take it one step further?  Document your experience to share with everyone right here on InspirACTION.  Whether you’d like to do it with video, writing, or pictures – I will put the technical pieces together to help you share your learning and growth with the world.  It’s changing my life.  I know it will change yours too.

How will you take InspirACTION in 2011??

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