Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win – I Disagree!

Have you ever heard the old cliche “Winners never quit and quitters never win?”  Of course you have, but have you ever paused to think about what it means?  Better yet, ask yourself if you agree with the meaning of the statement.  It’s a very popular saying, especially is the sports arena.  One of my partners that I work with on a daily basis is Setema Gali.  He’s a Super Bowl XXXVI winner with the New England Patriots.  He’s 6’4 and pure muscle and knows a thing or two about winning.  I showed him the following video and he almost died laughing!  Check it out, then I’ll tell you about the rest of our conversation…

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Alright, so now ask yourself again do “winners never quit and quitters never win?  Here’s my personal opinion:

Real winners never stop doing what’s MOST EFFECTIVE, but I’ve never experienced in my life nor have I talked with a single successful person that has continued to do what’s  non effective and/or non productive.

Part of experiencing success in it’s full glory in the shortest possible time frame is having the ability to know what isn’t working and finding something that replaces the non effective activity.  It may even be necessary to change course entirely.

Case in point is the video above.  If winners never quite and quitters never win then that guy should have died trying to break that board over his head.  Obviously it was  both non effective as well as non productive to continue the activity.

In summary, I generally agree with the underlying meaning of the phrase “Winners never quit and quitters never lose.”  It has application for a lot of real life situations… little league, peewee football, learning algebra, etc.  But I believe you can and should progress to a higher level of conciseness and recognize there are better ways of doing things.  Why continue to beat your head against a wall (or in this case a piece of plywood)?  Find something that’s productive and effective.  Most times you don’t have to do a 180 degree turnaround.  You simply drop things that aren’t working and augment those things that are.

As always, I’m excited to hear your thoughts on the subject.  Post a comment and tell me what you think.  If this post created value for you in some way then please share it with your Facebook and Twitter friends as well by using the social share buttons.

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12 Responses to “Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win – I Disagree!”

  1. Luhi Purcell Says:

    I absolutely agree. Do what is effective.

    Also, I have said this before, and I will say it again, Gabe. You are a master promoter. The headline for this post is flawless. You got the gift, brother.



  2. Oren Pardes Says:

    Using your head” DID result in a “break-through” (in your understanding of winning and quitting) – even if not plywood. Obviously, trying the same thing again and again doesn’t always lead to success – and it makes sense to quit (and do something else). This is especially true for habits that hurt your health (like smoking, drug and alcohol abuse, overeating, and hitting your head against almost anything).


  3. Wendy Hewlett Says:

    That video really brought your point home!!!!


  4. Sandhan Says:

    I’m not sure I ‘got’ it.. maybe its a cultural thing! Or i just have different wiring….
    My hit on this would be that if at first you don’t succeed and you go on and on using the same technique and it STILL don’t work, perhaps it may be the strategy that’s at fault…
    What was it “Madness is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result..


  5. Steve Says:

    Great post Gabriel. Love your site.

    You cant fail if you never quit…


  6. Floyd Barro Says:

    that’s incredible.


  7. Markus Cuckler Says:

    I’m not much of a blog reading person, but I just wanted to tell you that I’m really enjoying what you’ve written so far. Please keep up the good work!


  8. Jerem Says:

    Hilarious! This vid should be titled: “How Not to Make a Motivational Video.” If it doesn’t work, do something different.

    Thanks for attaching that video, that made my day.


  9. lesego Says:

    im doing my matric , jus realised dat i need to drop a few habits to obtain those 7 distinction i have been aiming for


  10. Cole Says:

    I’m lame to the game but here’s what I think of that quote. You have to let there be grey area for it to be true. For example, sometimes not-quitting can look like quitting. And sometimes what looks like winning, isn’t.

    In fact, the way I take it, that phrase does exactly mean “stop beating your head against the wall.”


  11. Angel Says:

    I agree. My older brother labeled my younger brother as a quitter, because he wasn’t doing well in algebra. Then used this phrase. I tried to explain that in forming a strategy to succeed, you can’t automatically rule out “quitting”, and taking a step back doesn’t mean quitting/losing.

    I really like your blog and that is a perfect video!


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